EYES UP (EarlY Exposure to Screens and Unequal Performance) is a major new research project studying the longitudinale relationship between childrens’ early exposure to digital tools and their school performances in the long run. EYES UP, headed by the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milan-Bicocca, merges survey data on the use of digital devices during childhood with longitudinal school performances throughout the school careers. The results of the research will help explain how smartphones and other tools influence the learning levels of children and adolescents over time. For more information

DIGITAL PACTS (Patti Digitali) represent a grassroots response to the absence of an authoritative voice from educational institutions regarding fundamental educational choices related to the protection of minors online. Digital Pacts consist of local groups of parents and occasionally schools, institutions, and other educational entities who collectively agree on specific issues related to digital education in childhood and pre-adolescence (e.g age at first smartphone ownership, access to social media, school online homework). The Digital Pacts have proliferated through word of mouth, following some press interventions and television services. The response from individual and collective entities has been exponential, and by October 2023, within a span of just 14/15 months, there were more than 70 groups scattered throughout Italy actively developing a digital agreement for their respective communities. For more information

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, REMOTE WORKING AND WELLBEING. Using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the research aims to investigate the use of digital technologies in companies for remote work. It considers the perspectives of: a) employers (managers and supervisors); b) workers; c) union representatives; d) local actors and real estate agency representatives. The results will be presented for participatory discussion with the involved stakeholders, leading to the development of public utility guidelines. For more information